Research and design services with a human centred approach.

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Research + verify insights

By conducting research and observing users and customers, we document their key interactions and dependencies. We base our design process on in-depth insights and co-creation.

We present insights early with stakeholders and use as a prompt for co-creation later.

Our awesome features
Our awesome features


Define problems + co-create solutions

Together with stakeholders, we define the challenges faced by the organisation and the problem scenarios faced by end-users. Then we create a specific understanding of who the target end-user is.

Next, we determine what success looks like and prioritise the challenges by importance to the end-user and the organisation.


Design prototypes + validate

A hypothesis is used to come up with ideas for solutions. Clustering ideas and empathising with end-user needs allow us to tailor our concepts to a specific problem scenario.

We build iterative concept models quickly and test ideas with end users. Creating prototypes allows us to get feedback from users and gain empathy.

Our awesome features
Our awesome features


Scope work + build for deployment

We partner with your to scope the cost, requirements and time needed to create production ready, coded interfaces and digital products.

Our designers and developers can work with your own technical team, or create the features needed solo, so you are ready for live deployment and feedback with users.


Flexible talent + associates

Our talent sourcing service means you can access flexible experts, on a contract or full-time basis, to augment your core team, for ongoing design, product and ecommerce management.

Our associate panel is available for short term projects. They are hand picked from our trusted contractor group, people we have worked with successfully in the past.

Our awesome features

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The Team

Pavlina Koleva
Senior Designer

Focusing on visuals and interface design, Pavlina is interested in creative design models like Design Thinking and Human Centred Design.

Edward Conmy
Founder, Director of Strategy

Edward is an advocate for research led design methods and how Agile design talent can have an outsized impact on product and service innovation for organisations.

Juan Menendez
Design Lead

Service, UX and innovation designer with over ten years international experience, Juan is a specialist in solution co-creation and end user validation.

Deepa Modi
Talent Manager

With several years of international recruitment experience under her belt Deepa is excited to build bespoke, Agile design teams to crack difficult challenges for our clients.

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