Customer communications review.



We worked with one of the largest financial services firms in Ireland. Their customers receive communication from a number of different channels with a variety of competing messaging needs. In order to improve the customer experience, we conducted a design sprint and conducted research regarding why and how the customer receives communications. As the client becomes ever more digital, understanding how this communication is perceived by different customer cohorts is more important than ever. This relates to the type, form, frequency, and usefulness.





During the research phase, we ran two workshops with client stakeholders to understand the current state of communications from their perspective. This information helped us define our approach with customers and to help us design relevant interview questionnaires. We looked at existing types of communication and interviewed a number of current customers from a range of demographics.


Insights from research

During the design and execution of the research, we identified four major insights. Each summarised shared and consistent feedback on communications and how to improve them in the future.


Opportunity map

A fundamental part of the research was the ideation phase where we carried out a follow up working session with customer facing staff and stakeholders. The team explored different ideas to improve communications in the future based on insights found in the research, working together with stakeholders.


Co-creation sessions

1. The first co-creation session with the communications team mapped the current state of different areas relevant for the framing of our research.

2. The second co-creation session with the team was to validate key learnings from the research. We shared customer feedback on communications and opportunities for improvement around different areas that ultimately informed the key insights and other findings.


Final Insights report

As a result, we delivered a complete report that contained:

-A breakdown of the research with customers.

- An opportunity map taken from insights and stakeholder workshops.

- A trove of Ideas developed from the insights by the stakeholders (co-creation).