Graduate programme research and iteration  

Graduate Programmes are the pipeline for future managers and leaders in organisations. As part of its approach to continuous improvement, one of Ireland's best known brands wanted to know what improvements it needed to make to ensure its programme remained relevant and impactful. 


To ensure we focused on fixing the right things, we supplemented the programme team’s feedback with insights from interviews and surveys to over 100 graduates and line managers who had worked across the programme. This allowed us to quantify any problems and benchmark the impact of solving them against existing measures such as development of core competencies, Graduate satisfaction and NPS.  

Survey participants

Collaborative design 

Based on our findings we developed design personas and scenarios to help bring our insights to life. We then invited managers and graduates to workshops where they worked in teams to redesign elements of the Programme - from better ways to match Graduates to roles, to simpler ways to communicate what was happening and when. 

Future experience 

We quickly moved from sketches to journey maps to help describe the future experience. We used the requirements from these to develop a low fidelity prototype for a Graduate portal. Finally, we developed a future blueprint for change. This identified the people, processes, systems and technology needed to make the more complex improvements a reality which are being taken forward by the Programme team. 

Programme framework