Management Training Programmeme



We were asked to help a large corporation to reimagine what their management training programmes looks like, now we are in a post Pandemic world and now that training has gone virtual.






During the research phase, we looked at existing YaaM content and design (secondary research) and interviewed three different groups:

- Initiative stakeholders: leaders of other banks’ initiatives that might inform new YaaM content and iterations.

-Investment stakeholders: leadership team that sponsor and support YaaM as an organisational-level learning programme.

- People managers: direct users of YaaM who are currently following the different modules.


Opportunity areas (findings)


Through the design research, we identified six opportunity areas. They summarise change suggestions that can improve YaaM in the future. Taking on one or more of these opportunities will allow the programme’s digital academy team to answer some of the identified pain points or solve some unmet learning needs.


Ideation workshop


We held a workshop where we reviewed the insights found in the research phase of the current YaaM programme translated into areas of opportunity. 

Together with the stakeholders, we worked on challenges based on these areas to explore different ideas that help improve the programme in the next iteration.


Final recommendations + idea concept cards


The final presentation was a combination of creative ideas, 10 recommendations and outlines of concept cards the internal team coil progress. Everything was rooted in the information and insights found in the research phase and validated during the workshop.