Outsource designers & specialists

Over the last five years we have worked closely with an international retail group’s digital transformation function as they grew from one senior consultant, sourced by Rattleberry, to over a dozen in the growing digital,

e-commerce and now their evolved digital product team. 

This organisational design evolution was supported by talented, hand-picked contractors from our panel as well as by sourcing short-term expertise when needed to help the team deliver a specific, pressing, project. 

Org. design

We met with the directors in HR and technology to benchmark their structure versus other industries.

We made a recommendation for a team structure and function.


In addition to some internal hires and external permanent hires we acted as a talent panel support for the business. We sourced and onboarded new skills, like the first UX and UI designers, digital product managers,

e-commerce strategists and more.


Over the last number of years we have been able to provide expertise on a short-term or project basis to help with a design or digital challenge. Such as a UX Architect to create the IA of their new e-commerce platform and UI and content design for the site itself.